ARISTIDE has been active for 30 years as editor-distributor of high-quality upholstery and decorative fabrics. By putting original, contemporary and fashionable collections on the market several times a year, Aritex continues to keep its strong national and international market position.


September 2012 Collection


Aristide by Tim Van Steenbergen is a collection book filled with inspirational ideas that show us how to bring the best of nature indoors...  think of it as a perfect outdoor theme for indoors.


Five pure and wholesome themes convey the beauty and diversity of nature:

The textural universe in WOOD, the light and shadow dancing with each other in  BLACK & WHITE, LAVA eruptions like an explosion from the centre of the earth, the animal kingdom as discovered during our COLONIAL past, and the poetic Autumn pallet of an Indian summer.


As always, we continue to see Tim’s trademark in this unpretentious collection. Whether it be in fashion, an opera production or a shoe collection, his work is characterised by a refined purity and subtle feminine elegance. Tim places a lot of emphasis on details, quality and beauty.


This collaboration with Aristide emanates from Tim’s interest in architecture, which forms the common thread in all his work.


The Aristide collection by Tim Van Steenbergen brings nature into your home as an incarnation of ultimate beauty.


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